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David's Story

Despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia, David had enjoyed extended periods of paid employment. So when he found himself unemployed for a period of time his confidence suffered. He wanted to work as a commercial cleaner again but was finding it difficult to get a job.

David came to Workwise for support. He had a well-developed appreciation of the benefits that working again would have for him and was keen to get going.

Commitment to success

Mike, David’s Workwise employment consultant was impressed with David’s commitment to finding work.

“What stood out was his understanding of the benefits for his overall wellbeing,” says Mike.

Within three months, David was working part-time hours five days a week as a commercial cleaner.

He was initially employed on a trial period and within four months with the company, he was offered and accepted a permanent position.

A strong working relationship

“David has developed a strong working relationship with his supervisor, who provides regular feedback which David readily takes on board,” says Mike.

“He really enjoys his new job and it has given him fresh purpose and focus. He even likes the long commute to and from work – it helps him feel part of the wider workforce and community.”

Since working in paid employment again, David’s confidence and sense of wellbeing have increased noticeably.

His weekly activities are now structured around the requirements of his job and his physical fitness and general health have increased substantially.

He particularly enjoys developing new skills which make him an even more valuable employee.

A positive future

David has a very positive view of his future. He has set himself a number of goals to maintain his physical and mental health, maintain work-life balance and increase his work-related opportunities.

Mike continues to work with David to support him in his new role.

“It’s been wonderful to see how much motivation, perseverance, and drive David had in searching for work,” says Mike.

“He still has! He is committed to ensuring he is successful in his new job.”

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