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Employment is a health intervention

Having good work can play a crucial role in helping people live happy, healthy lives.

People consistently talk about how important work is to their emotional wellbeing and financial independence, their pride in themselves and their sense of self-worth and confidence.

If you are working with someone who wants support to find or keep a job, you can make a referral to Workwise. We welcome referrals from community mental health providers, GPs, Work and Income, and other support service providers.

Supporting those who want to work

Motivation to find a job and the willingness to try are the main criteria for referral to Workwise employment support services.

We believe people are ready to find work when they say they are, and that’s the best time to start the job search process.

Workwise employment consultants / kairapu tūranga mahi take an evidence-based IPS approach, focusing on quality, personalised support to achieve a person’s employment aspirations. This includes integrating with mental health and addiction teams to align employment support with a person’s care and treatment.

Once a person gets a job, ongoing support is in place for as long as it’s needed.

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