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Managing well

Most businesses in New Zealand will, at some stage, have staff who experience some kind of mental health distress. Employers often want to help, but may not know what to do.

This information is designed to help you, as an employer or manager, respond effectively and support your employee’s stay in or return to work.

Common mental health challenges

The term ‘mental health issues’ covers a wide range of conditions.

This article aims to help you understand more about some of the most common mental health challenges: stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Managing mental illness in the workplace

With the right support, people with mental distress can, and do, perform well in the workplace. They can continue to be highly effective employees and a long-term asset for your business.

This article provides advice to help navigate the management of mental health issues at work.

Return to work

Most people who have an experience of mental illness recover and return to work very successfully.

This article explains some simple ways to provide support to ensure the return to work goes smoothly.

Useful websites for employers

Blueprint for Learning
In-person and online workshops offering mental health and addiction training recommended for employers.
Different kinds of help and services for employers to find staff, volunteers and apprentices, with a focus on advice for small businesses.

Free, independent advice for business owners about employee management and workplace-related queries.

Employment New Zealand
Disability information and resources, including mental health resource material designed specifically to assist employers.

Mental Health Foundation
Guidance and resources for employers and managers who know the importance of maintaining optimal mental health at work.

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