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Employment support

Are you looking to return to work or for a new job?

Everyone dreams of a future filled with hope and promise. But for some of us the unexpected onset of mental illness can put those dreams on hold, including dreams around working.

But being unwell doesn’t mean you can’t work. Most people who experience mental distress want to work and can work. In fact, having a paid job is often a key part of getting well and staying well. You may have different needs at this time, and need support to help you return to work. Workwise provides that support.

Who we are

Workwise is an employment agency for people with experience of mental illness or addiction. We help you choose, get and keep a job.

We’ve helped thousands of people return to or find new work. We also continue working with you to make sure you’ve got the support you need to be successful.

If you’re looking for a job, or returning to your previous work, we’d love to talk. And it won’t cost a thing.

Our job is to support your recovery and return to work. We are funded by Work and Income and health providers. We’ve got offices in Auckland, Waikato, Thames, Rotorua, Taranaki and Wellington.

Fill in the form on the Get started page and someone from Workwise will be in touch with with you soon.

What we can do for you

Real work. Real pay. The best place to learn work skills is often on the job. While training is valuable, our role is to support you to return to paid work. It’s not about any job; it’s about the right job for you.

Passion. Our consultants are incredibly passionate about what they do. They are skilled and take pride in getting results. We’ve helped many people return to work; we can do the same for you.

Choice. We encourage you to think about the kind of job you want based on the things you really enjoy. You may already know what you want to do. If not, our consultants can help you explore your work passions and career dreams.

Support. How much support you want from us is up to you. You may need help returning to an existing job or finding a new job. We can search for a job for you, you can search by yourself, or we can search together. We can also help with your CV, support you with interviews and sort out all the paperwork.

Our promise. We’ll always return your calls. And we’ll do what we say we will. That’s a promise.

Working together. We’ll meet with you regularly, and we’ll work with whoever you need to support you to work. We have great relationships with organisations like Work and Income, district health board teams and ACC. We’re on your side.

Results. We get them. It’s why so many people come to us. It’s why the government and others fund us. It’s about you getting or returning to work.

How our service works

We understand the issues people with experience of mental illness face. Our employment consultants are professionals with both employment and mental health expertise, and an absolute commitment to getting the best possible results.

As a Workwise client, you will have your own employment consultant who will work with you one-on-one.

Your employment consultant will help you:

  • establish your work preferences and create your employment goals, and a plan to achieve those goals
  • sort out any problems you see in returning to work
  • plan your employment journey
  • job search
  • work out how to manage your health while working
  • co-ordinate with your health team and other supports, around returning to work
  • keep hope by being your cheerleader!

Please give us a call

We know everyone has skills, talent and potential. We know that good work really does matter; it helps people and communities flourish.

We’d love to talk about your employment goals. Just give us a call.

“Work has given me belief in myself, confidence again to not be afraid and go out there and try. I’ve done things I never thought would be possible [to do] again – backpacking, meeting new people, not being scared to come into town and sit in a coffee bar on my own. I was too scared to do that at one time. I made myself do it. Now I do it at the drop of a hat.” – Workwise client