Karl came to Workwise in May 2007. Diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2002, Karl faced many obstacles while growing up and he had attempted suicide at a young age.

In his teenage years, Karl overcame many obstacles by focussing on his sport and love of hip hop. However, the impact of schizophrenia on his life as a young adult led to him being hospitalised at an acute inpatient mental health unit, for three months. As a further setback, some of his close friends passed away while he was in hospital.

Despite all this, Karl had hope and the determination to overcome his illness and become part of the community again.

“Karl had limited work experience when he came to Workwise and no clear direction as to what sort of work he would like to do,” says Peter* Karl’s Workwise employment consultant.

With Peter’s support  Karl was accepted on the Pathways Peer Support Training Programme. Pathways is a leading non-government provider of mental health and wellness solutions. This training was designed to help give Karl the
confidence to share his experiences, and the knowledge to help others with experience of mental illness to reach their goals in life.

In November 2007 Karl achieved a key milestone on his journey to becoming a more active part of the community again. He secured full-time employment as a peer support specialist with a local non-government provider of mental health support services. In his role, Karl shares his key to success which is ‘to set goals for yourself and never give up hope’.

“Karl now lives his message daily, driven by his motivation to be a good role model for his son,” says Peter. “He is now focussed on his next goals; releasing a hip hop album and furthering his career in mental health by completing the National Certificate in Mental Health.”

“It brings tears to my eyes to see how far he has come,” says Peter. I feel proud and privileged that Karl opened up to me and let me be part of his personal journey to employment and recovery.”