Tom was diagnosed with depression 20 years ago making everyday life a battle. His health was further compromised by a dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Overtime with the help of his family and the support of professionals including his psychiatrist and key worker he got back on his feet again. However for Tom his recovery journey could not be complete until he achieved his goal of full time employment. So in 2007 his key worker referred him to Workwise.

Together with Maria, his employment consultant, Tom began his search for work. They sent out numerous job applications with little success. Determined to find a role, Tom and Maria brainstormed possible employment options and Tom mentioned he would like to try cleaning.

With no positions advertised, Maria began cold calling local companies to attempt to find an opening. Success! Maria found a company who had a vacancy and a time was made for the employer to meet with Tom and Maria at the Workwise offices. Tom was nervous in his interview, but did tremendously well and best of all he was offered the job on the spot.

What a change those few words “you’ve got the job” made. Tom claims it was the best he had felt in a long time. For Maria she said “it truly was a great moment, to see Tom’s face light up with tremendous pride and happiness.”

Since achieving his goal of gaining employment Tom has moved from strength to strength. He is now working full-time hours. He’s been able to maintain his wellness, grow his self confidence, gain new skills and achieve better financial freedom. Tom now says he feels like an active member of society who works hard for his money. He loves getting into the community and being involved – he has a purpose to life. However for Tom the best thing he says for him is that “I am finally happy and that means a lot!”

Tom wants to continue to build on his achievements and hopes to be able to decrease his dependence on medication. He’s also saving up to purchase his own car so that he can have even more independence.

For Maria, seeing how far Tom has come is amazing. “Tom is now a courageous and determined man who is confident in his abilities and who is now taking each day in his stride and enjoying all that life has to offer,” she says.