Cate is an intelligent young woman who suffers from OCD which is exacerbated by stress and has led to a lack of confidence and depression.

While at University studying towards her Bachelor of Engineering the pressure to achieve led to Cate having what she describes as a ‘melt down’ and she made the decision to move home.

Back at home, Cate was referred to Workwise to assist her with her search for employment. After helping Cate improve her presentation skills, Workwise found Cate a role as a part-time administrator.

While working in this role, Cate saw her ‘dream job’ advertised and decided to pursue it.
Despite some misgivings about the pressure a full-time role would place on Cate, her
employment consultant assisted her with accessing Work and Income Job Start grants and, after securing the role, helped Cate prepare for her first day.

Unfortunately Cate’s ‘dream job’ did not live up to her expectations. With a severe blow to her confidence and now with little idea of what her dream job actually was, Cate returned to Workwise to further explore her options.

Cate and her employment consultant decided that the best way to find her passion was to try lots of different roles, so together they arranged for Cate to register with a local temping agency.

Through these temping assignments Cate found a company she really enjoyed working for and accepted a permanent role with them. Cate now works as an administrator working with clinical programmes for a local PHO. She loves her job and says “it’s the best environment I’ve worked in”.

At a recent annual review Cate disclosed some of her experience with mental illness. She says her supervisor was very surprised, but it has had no impact on their relationship. Cate is confident that if she ever did need additional support or time off it would not be an issue for her employer – she sees it as no different to colleagues who need time off to cope with their family issues.

Cate still has bad days where she doesn’t want to work but “I just try to plough through and wake up the next day and hope things are better,” she says.

Cate now works 36 hours a week and says she really values the stability her job provides.

Her employment consultant says it’s been fantastic to see what being valued as an employee has done for Cate’s confidence. “She’s a completely different person than when she first came to Workwise – having this job has built her confidence unbelievably”.

In Cate’s words, her life has done a complete 180 in the last two years. “I have a fantastic job, a supportive partner and I’m building a house and getting married”.