Ignoring mental health in the workplace not an option

Mental health plays a big part in any organisation, of any size, in any industry. At any one time, one in six employees will be experiencing a mental health issue and failing to respond to this can cost employers up to $2,000 per employee per year.

Responding to mental ill health at work is the key driver behind Mindful Employer NZ, a new programme set to be launched in the Waikato region next week.

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Analysis shows strong financial returns from employment

A return on investment analysis has demonstrated that an evidence-based supported employment approach (EBSE) to assist people with mental health conditions return to work has the potential to provide significant financial returns to government.

The analysis was undertaken by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Wise Group in order to better understand the benefits of EBSE. The Wise Group is a strong advocate of EBSE which sees paid employment as a key goal for helping people get well, and stay well. Under EBSE, the employment consultant becomes a member of the support or clinical mental health team.

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New Zealand's first primary care partnership in evidence-based supported employment.

Working together moves mountains.

For people with a mental illness, having a paid job is a key part of getting well and staying well.

It’s an underlying principle of a new primary care employment support initiative underway in Hamilton involving Workwise, the Wise Group’s own employment agency.

Midlands Health Network, Workwise and Waikato Work and Income have joining together to provide the service which will see two Workwise consultants working with six general practice teams in Hamilton.

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Workwise achieves WorkWell bronze accreditation

Workwise has been awarded a bronze accreditation in the WorkWell workplace wellness management programme. Click on the title of this news article to read more.

Specialists on employees with a mental health condition

As an employer, would you know what to do if one of your staff experiences depression, anxiety or another mental health condition at work? The Waikato Times interviews Workwise chief executive Warren Elwin about how Workwise works with employers to support their employees while keeping their businesses running smoothly.

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